Birthday Portraits

Looking for a fun way to capture your child’s picture for their birthday or yearly portrait?

Here are some ideas that can make your child more comfortable during the photo shoot, and also make for some great photo memories.

Incorporate their favorite “thing” at that moment, so they’re not only happy posing for pictures, but this also gives you a way to remember them at this age! This

could be their favorite hobby – reading their favorite book, dancing, coloring, pushing around matchbox cars, rocking baby doll, etc.

Sometimes we can incorporate a fun chair or stool, which also helps secretly help pose! Balloons also add fun and color to any children’s portraits,  especially if their birthday is near.

There’s also fun things we can work into the background, whether inside or outside, such as a fabric flag banner.











This is not only a fun way to capture your childs birthday portrait, but also to remember their favorite things at this milestone…




What to Wear

There’s no right or wrong here, and for toddler portraits, I say “the more color – the better!” Let your child(s) personality shine! It works well if you layer their outfit for different looks – simply adding/removing a jacket or hat can create an entirely different look! (And if your toddler is anything like mine, he’s not going to let you change him 3x’s during the session)!

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